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24 Kits of discs are now available to fit most prestigious cars like Audi R8 - RS4- RS6 , Aston Martin DB9 - Vantage, BMW M5 - M6, Dodge Viper, Ferrari F430 - F360 - F40, Lamborghini Gallardo - Murciélago, Lexus, Lotus, Mini, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo , Nissan 350 Z, Porsche 997 - 996 - GT3 - 991 - Turbo, Renault RS, Subaru STI …

Main characteristics :

- Keep the calipers of the car
- Discs from 276 to 405mm slotted or grooved for the best endurance and performance
- Aluminium bells to save weight
- Less temperature in the hub for a better pedal feeling
- Replacement for iron or ceramic discs (PCCB, CCM…)

Ideal to go on circuit and save money !

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