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53 kits now are available : Aston Martin DB9 - Vantage, Ferrari F430 - F360, Ford GT 40 - Mustang, Lamborghini Murciélago, Porsche 997 - 996 - GT3 - 991 - Turbo - Cup …

Main charactéristics :

-OE calipers
- Discs from 350 to 380 mm Type III grooves for a better bite
- Aluminium bell to save weight with floating or non floating fixings
- Better temperature with 72 vanes
- Remplacement of iron or ceramic (PCCB, CCM…) for front and rear
- Perform with all sport or racing pads

Best equipment to go on circuit with top performances and save weight !

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Happy New Year and News 2024 !
Happy New Year 2024 !
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